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AC Repair Colleyville Tx, the last thing you want to be looking for on your phone or computer… Fortunately for you, you came across the best AC Repair Company in Colleyville Tx!  Their are many things that set us apart from our competitors and we would love to showcase them to you before you turn elsewhere for help, so thanks for sticking around this far!  Your time is valuable, so let’s make this quick and get to it, shall we?

Let's start with the questions you ask when you search for AC Repair Colleyville Tx

  • How much do you charge for AC Repair?
  • What do your customers have to say about you?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you offer financing on repairs or replacement?
  • Does Sudden Service only work on certain brands?
  • How fast can you get to me?
  • Are you a real company, or a guy working out of his garage?
  • How does your pricing work on repairs or installations?
  • Is their a guarantee on your work?
  • Do you offer any warranties?
  • Do you work on mini split / ductless split systems?

These are a few of the questions we thought you might be looking for clarification on!  We will go over each question individually in detail!  If you have a specific question you would like to skip to, go right on ahead!  Don’t see the question your looking for?  Don’t fret, you can always ask our office staff, who are only a call away!

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Alright guys and gals, now we're ready to answer those questions you had when you searched AC Repair Colleyville Tx!

Well, that’s kind of a loaded question, but the simple answer is as follows!  Sudden Service has a $49.95 trip charge!  This trip charge is what you pay to have us come out to your home or commercial business!  We will diagnose the reason why you were looking for an Air Conditioning Service Colleyville Tx!  This trip charge of $49.95 does not include repairs!  Your technician may find something that needs to be fixed when he’s inspecting your Air Conditioner.  What about quotes on a new system, you ask?  Well, that ones pretty straight forward!  Sudden Service does not charge for quotes on system replacement!

We’re glad you asked that question, because we love to show off our outstanding customer service experiences!  Sudden Service has over 65 5 star reviews on Google and is a 5.0 star rated company.  We also have an A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints and quite a few great customer reviews!  Lastly, we have been recommended by over 20 of our customers on Facebook!  So to sum it up, our Colleyville Air Conditioning customers have great things to say about us!

We’ve been in business for over 30 years!  To be exact, since 1984!  You know, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!  We receive many calls from our  customers in Colleyville Tx needing something special…   A second opinion or help with misdiagnosis or mistakes made by other companies!  That’s where we come in to clean up the mess!  You can feel better knowing we will restore a little bit of faith in your Air Conditioning system!  If your looking for  Heating Repair Colleyville Tx or Air Conditioning Repair Colleyville Tx and need company with a vast amount of hands on experience…  You have certainly come to the right place!  If you’d like to find out more about Our HVAC Company you can click on the link to visit our company page!

Yes and yes!  We are licensed and insured for both residential and commercial projects!  Our techs can tackle anything you’ve got to throw at us!  If you’ve had a contractor in your home or business when looking for AC Repair Colleyville Tx who is not… You might think about reconsidering your choice!  That’s a little risky!  Their are so many things that can go wrong when you are dealing with HVAC!  Such as:  Electricity, combustible gases and bone breaking heights only separated by a thin piece of sheet rock!  Though we pride ourselves on taking the proper precautions to avoid any sort of accidents…  Despite this, it would be crazy to have a technician working on your Air Conditioner who isn’t licensed and insured!

Of course we do!  We understand the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement of your AC system can really cripple your wallet!  That’s why we offer a variety of different financing solutions that we can tailor to your specific needs!  Sudden Service aims to help you crawl out of that financial hole that you may have just become buried in!

Our financing programs are very flexible.  Some options are better for people with average credit, some better for folks with excellent credit!  The payment plans we have to offer can be customized as well!  We allow you to make the choice yourself!  Whether you’d like to take a little more time while paying it off while enjoying lower payments… Or possibly even cranking up the pace a bit to get it payed off sooner!  And in case you were wondering, no interest financing is available as well!

Absolutely not!  Our technicians are skilled professionals and can work on any brand or application of Air conditioner you may have!  All of our technicians pursue continuing education programs!  These programs ensure they are always on top of the newest technology and HVAC products!  So rest assured knowing that no matter what brand name you have…  HVAC Repair Colleyville Tx is done right with us!

How about same day service FAST?!  Which is what we are sure you were hoping to hear!  Sudden Service lives by it’s name when it comes to providing service in a timely manner!  That’s why our motto is “All of a Sudden We’re at Your Door!”  We understand that your time is important, unlike other companies who provide Heating and Air Conditioning Colleyville Tx!  With that said, we also keep you up to speed on how our schedule is looking!  This ensures we aren’t interfering with any of your prior arrangements!  Also, it lets us know you aren’t being left in the dark!  When you need AC Repair in Colleyville Tx and you need it FAST, you call Sudden Service!

You might think that sounds like a funny question to ask, but it’s one we get quite often.  You see, many customers wind up doing business with a person or entity that works from home.  Sometimes, they don’t display any information for customers in regards to their physical location…  And later on, when something goes wrong, he or she is magically nowhere to be found!  Well, the good news is yesWe are a real company that provides AC Repair Colleyville Tx when you need it!  We’ve been around for quite some time now and we’re not planning on going anywhere!  Should you ever experience future problems, rest assured that we have a great warranty policy, including a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship!

That’s another easy answer!  Our company provides flat rate pricing!  This ensures the price on repairs or installations is the same from customer to customer!  If you’ve ever searched for AC Repair Colleyville Tx before, then this should come as no surprise to you!  When most contractors see Colleyville Tx on your address, the price on your quote just went up by 25 percent!  Personally, we’re not having it!  We believe all customers should be treated fairly!  That is why we offer the same flat rate pricing to everyone!

We sure do!  Customer satisfaction is always our main priority!  If you are ever unsatisfied with the work you receive from Sudden Service, we will redo the job!  In addition, it won’t cost you a penny for us to come back out to your home and fix your Colleyville Air Conditioners!  If your still not satisfied, a full refund will be issued!

You guessed it!  Not only do we offer warranties, we offer the best warranties in Colleyville Tx!  In addition, we offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on every job! A separate warranty for AC Repair in Colleyville Tx and AC Installation Colleyville is also always included!  Though, warranties can vary depending on the manufacturer of your parts or equipment!  However, our most common warranty on new equipment is a 10 year parts and labor warranty!

Yes we do!  As a matter of fact, we are among the few skilled mini split / ductless split companies in Colleyville!  Lately, we’ve been experiencing a frequently growing customer base!  These people have hired another Air Conditioning company Colleyville Tx to install a mini split system.  Unfortunately, these companies were not trained to be installing mini split systems and made some terrible mistakes!  Sudden Service can certainly help!  We are a Certified LG Excellence Dealer and a Certified Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor!  However, we can work on any brand of mini split system!  Likewise, our technicians can install, diagnose or repair any of your mini split issues!

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