How I avoided being ripped off by HVAC Contractors

How I avoided being ripped off by HVAC Contractors

How I avoided being ripped off by HVAC Contractors

Have you ever been ripped off by a bad  HVAC Contractor? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you think.  Not all the Best HVAC Contractors operate according to the law. published in 2017 that roughly $2,011,152,631 was paid out to consumers through mediation, lawsuits and other actions. This is all due to the 908,595 complaints received about fraudulent activities by businesses like HVAC Contractors. Sadly these numbers have only increased over the last few years.

Once upon a time in Suburbia

It’s Summer in Texas, and the heat is sweltering…. 103 degrees to be exact. And all I want to do is go home and relax, but when I arrived, it felt like a sauna, INSIDE my home.

I  called out a company my sister recommended. The “Best HVAC Contractor” showed up on time. I proceeded to direct him to my unit where he spent maybe 5 minutes tops before telling me I need a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM! My system was installed 7 years ago, which I understand isn’t all that old. Fortunately I knew my sister just had  a new system installed installed by the same HVAC Contractor, but for half the price!? I understand that I live in a nicer neighborhood, but should my quoted price be that much more? I decided to get a second opinion. I paid the service fee and sent him on his way.

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Trying a different HVAC Contractor

I decided to take it into my own hands. I googled HVAC Contractors near me and found one I liked, they even had good reviews. I called them and set an appointment for later that day. But when the “HVAC Contractor near me” showed up, I was not impressed. He was dirty, and he smelt like he hadn’t bathed in days. I understand that the Heating and Air Conditioning field is not a clean job, but come on! You can at least wipe off your boots before getting out of the truck. I told him what the other company had diagnosed and he promised that my experience with him would be different. Well, that was a lie. To my amazement he spent a whopping 7 minutes before confirming that I did need a new system. “Go ahead, Quote me” I said, keeping my fingers crossed for a good price. WOW! 20 bucks cheaper than the last company. This cant be right.  I took his quote and told him I needed more time to make a decision.

Third Times a Charm

So, after getting two quotes that I felt were overpriced, I decided to get ONE more to ease my mind about spending that much money. It had already gotten dark, so I opened my windows and basked in the Texas heat. I would start my search first thing in the morning. After clearly having no luck googling HVAC Contractors near me the last go around…  I got on my local Moms Facebook page and asked my neighbors for recommendations on the best Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors to call.  I was surprised at how many of them recommended Sudden Service, the local Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors in our area. On top of the suggestions from many of the group members, the company’s reviews were great!How had I not found them before?  So I took the chance and called.

From the very beginning , the staff was so nice, I was even able to speak with the owner, Mike,  about the previous companies quotes. He guaranteed me that would make sure that his technicians would go through everything and confirm the previous diagnosis was correct before even quoting for a whole new system. They were at my home within an hour. WOW!

My Experience with Sudden Service

The HVAC Contractor was kind, clean, and very professional. This made me much more comfortable letting him into my home. I was sure these were the right guys. He knew what he was doing. He immediately  asked where the outdoor unit was located and got to work. I watched out my window to make sure he wasn’t just fooling around, but he actually opened up my unit and took his time checking to make sure that everything was functioning properly. 

15 to 20 minutes later, my HVAC Contractor came back and told me he had good news. Anything is good news at this point! He explained to me that my compressor really wasn’t actually the problem. And that I didn’t need to replace my whole system yet. As it turned out , there was  just a simple wire shorted. He could get it repaired without having to replace anything! He gave me the price which knocked me off my feet, compared to the numbers I was previously faced with… And then told me that because I was a New Customer, there would be NO SERVICE CHARGE. AMAZING! Absolutely, go ahead and fix it! I had already lost five pounds by sweating alone!

It wasn’t even 10 minutes later, he was done. My house was cooling, and I could finally Relax. I cant believe how easy it could have been from the start if I had just called SUDDEN SERVICE first. In my book, they have truly earned the title of “Best HVAC Contractor near me”.

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The content featured above is a true story from a customer of ours.  After learning about some of the shady business practices of HVAC contractors in our area… We’re glad you decided to give us a try!  We are family owned and operated and have been in the Heating and Air Conditioning business for over 30 years!  We are confident that our technicians will take great care of you and your HVAC system.  Our company always has new promotions for new customers to take advantage of, so don’t miss out!