1 Free Year HVAC Maintenance, No Strings Attached!

1 Free Year HVAC Maintenance, No Strings Attached!

There's got to be a catch... Why are you giving away a free year of HVAC maintenance?

THERE IS NO CATCH!  But still, you are probably wondering why we would give away a free year of HVAC Maintenance!  Here at Sudden Service, we think the perfect way to expand our service based business to smiling new faces is by letting them try it before they buy it!  We are so confident that you will be thrilled with our Heating and AC Tune Up Plan, that we decided to give you the first year on us!  This is an opportunity for us to prove our value and worth to you and guarantee that you become a part of our family!

HVAC Maintenance, Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Heating and AC Tune Ups

Exactly what will be done to my system during my HVAC Maintenance?

Our Family Maintenance plan consists of two seasonal HVAC Maintenance visits, one for cooling and one for heating.   Though we are only actually at your home twice a year for your HVAC tune ups, you still reap the benefits of your Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance all year round!  Some of the benefits of being a Family Maintenance Plan Member are:  No added service call charges on your Heating or AC tune ups, no overtime charges on emergency calls, 10% discounted rate on repairs and of course…  A healthy Heating and Air Conditioning system! Feel free to check out our outstanding reviews and ratings on Google, Better Business Bureau and Facebook

What does HVAC Maintenance consist of?

During the Heating season, your Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance technician will comb through your heating system and check all of the heating safeties, test for gas leaks, check and adjust gas pressures, perform carbon monoxide tests when applicable, take amperage draw & voltage of components to verify that they are running within specification, test the components themselves such as blower motors, gas valves, blower wheels, heat exchangers and heat kits.  They will also clean components such as flame sensors and clear the pressure switch tubing if necessary to assure your system continues to run properly without unexpected breakdowns.

During the Cooling season, your HVAC Maintenance technician will go through your cooling system and clean your condenser coil, clear your condensate line, check your cooling safeties, verify that your system has the correct refrigerant charge, take amperage draw and voltage of components to verify that they are working withing the manufacturers specifications, check all electrical components such as compressors, capacitors, hard start kits, contactors and relays, check the bearings and condition of condenser fan motors and blowers.


*Our Technicians will be giving you a very detailed health analysis of your heating and cooling system and it is possible that repairs may be suggested.  It is very important to note that repairs to your HVAC system are not included in your HVAC Maintenance.*

While performing your Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance, it is possible that your technician may find parts or pieces that have started to deteriorate over time or have already failed and require replacement to ensure system performance and functionality.  This is even more so likely if your system is getting older or has not been serviced regularly in the past.  If you do wish to proceed with any needed repairs, an invoice will be generated on completion of the repairs and the balance of said repairs will be due. 

You are not obligated to make these repairs.  However, if your technician has brought suggested repairs to you, it is for good reason!  Your technician is responsible for performing a detailed inspection and tune up on your heating and air conditioning system.  His primary goal is to assist you in making educated decisions concerning the health of your system.  Our company is family owned and operated with a strong sense of morals and our Heating and AC Tune up technicians will not suggest repairs to you that will not be of benefit to you or your equipment!  Your technician will help educate you and prioritize repairs so that you can make the best decision possible, and keep your HVAC equipment in good working order!

The only Qualification you need for 1 Free Year of HVAC Maintenance

The only qualification you have to meet in order to be eligible for this sweet deal is… You have to be a new customerTo sweeten the deal, after signing up for our free year of Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance… You can refer your friends or family to us for a free year of maintenance and earn a $50 reward point per referral towards either your yearly Heating and AC Tune Up Plan renewal a year from now or repairs!

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