Insulation, A 4 Step Guide For North Texas

Insulation, A 4 Step Guide For North Texas

Insulation in North Texas

We created a 4 Step Insulation Guide For North Texas! It’s no mystery that a properly insulated attic is a very important piece to any household!  With that said, any intelligent person wants to know: “what are the facts?”

The Truth About Insulation.

Step 1:  Analyze the benefits in energy savings

It’s estimated that under insulated homes can lose up to 40% of the heat produced by your HVAC system straight through the roof!  However, if you were to properly insulate your home, you would most likely be able to pay for it within the first couple of seasons!  Further more, if you rely on strictly electric heat strips,  your energy savings could be even more!

Save big on energy

Step 2:  How do I know if my home is under insulated?

High energy bills, fluctuating temperatures and a heating system that constantly runs are a few side effects. The end all tell all to knowing if your home is under insulated is actually much simpler then you would think! Now that I have your attention, walk into your attic.  Can you see the wood joists? If so, your home is most likely under insulated! Last, need more evidence? Measure how deep your insulation goes, and compare it to the proper insulation chart.

This house is under insulated

Step 3:  How much insulation do I need?

Energy Star gives a list of all climate zones and recommended “R” levels!  Further more, our climate zones in Texas are 2 and 3 and it is said that most Texan’s need R-30 to R-60.

Insulation zones

Step 4:  How much does insulation cost?

Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as you might think! A rough estimate to bring most 1500 sq/ft homes in our area  to R-30 comes in somewhere around $1,000.00.  Though, the price could be more or less depending on current insulation levels.

That's a hot deal!

Interested in getting your home up to standards?

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