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Unfortunately, we have customers calling us very regularly that didn’t! You see, a Mitsubishi Mini Split is a completely different animal then your regular split system AC!  As you may have heard, their are many do’s and don’ts when in comes to installing them!  Many contractors who haven’t been trained properly with Mitsubishi Mini Split systems think “Eh, I can do it.”  But the truth of the matter is more-so: “No, you can’t do it!  Nor should you!”  The last thing any customer wants to do is spent thousands of dollars on a new Mitsubishi…  And then find that it was not installed properly and doesn’t work!

On this page we will be going over some of things we think you should know about when you decide you want a Mitsubishi Mini Split AC installed!

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Briefly, we will go over some of the common problems we run across on Mitsubishi Mini Split AC systems installed by other companies.

Commonly, we find condensate pumps that are severely undersized!  In turn, this can cause an overflow situation that eventually locks the system down.

More often then not, we find Mitsubishi Mini Split AC’s installed without Surge Protectors!  These systems have many delicate electronics built into them, which means without surge protection, it can be very problematic!  The risk of damaging these electronic components is much higher then your regular HVAC system!

Refrigerant lines have been cut and soldered fittings have been installed.  Standard installation practice is to utilize flare fittings (not solder fittings).  If all soldered refrigerant circuits were not purged with nitrogen, a carbon build-up takes place inside the refrigerant tubing.  This carbon eventually flakes off and passes through the circuit damaging the EEV’s (electronic expansion valves).  Impurities in the refrigerant circuit can be catastrophic to a Mitsubishi Mini Split System!

Minimum linesetdistances are commonly not maintained from the condenser to the distribution box! These systems are “Charge Critical”!  The refrigerant has to be weighed-in by the ounce, unlike your typical HVAC system which most technicians use Superheat and Subcooling to charge!  When one has to guess at the refrigerant lineset length, one also has to guess at the amount of refrigerant charge!

Similar to the minimum linesetdistances mentioned above, many technicians will not notate how much refrigerant was used to originally charge the system.  When installing a Mitsubishi Mini Split, a technician needs to calculate the refrigerant charge by linesetdistance.  These systems are considered “charge critical”, if your system needs to be recharged in the future it can be very problematic!  As stated above, when one has to guess at the refrigerant lineset length…  One also has to guess at the amount of refrigerant charge!

In some cases, wind baffles need to be installed on the condenser!  Commonly, they need to be installed when a condenser is in tight space such as an alleyway or back porch.  This is done to deflect the build-up of hot air discharged at each condenser location.

Filtration is often an issue when other companies install high static air handlers!  Sometimes this is an issue due to access!  Often enough, the return air filters are not easily accessible to the home owner.  In which case, we suggest return air filter grills should be installed.  This is done to make the filter changes easier for the homeowner and gain more access to the airhandler.

Many companies fall under the category of get in, get it done and get out!  So would it surprise you if we said that quite a few of these companies install Mitsubishi Mini Split systems with little regard for future repairs or maintenance?  Truth be told, we have run into so many terrible installation choices by other contractors that it’s scary!  When this is done, it can cause a homeowner to not only have to hire a company to fix their AC, but even hire a sheet rock contractor or carpenter to rebuild walls and ceilings after the repair is complete… Because we had to rip them out to get to the equipment!

Refrigerant distribution boxes are often installed in the wrong position! This issue has the potential to cause future problems with the electronic expansion valves.

So, what do you get when you have your Mitsubishi Mini Split AC installed by Sudden Service you ask?

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