The Sudden Service 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you call for service, you expect a team of professionals to appear at your door promptly and perform their job to the best of their abilities. You look forward to a solution to your concerns about the heating or air conditioning system. These are all fair expectations. Anything less would feel like a waste of time, money and effort. Sudden Service understands this and that’s why the company strives to be the best option for AC repair in Southlake TX.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Sudden Service technicians make sure that their work is flawless. They will conduct themselves in a professional manner: going to the site at the agreed time, explaining what needs to be done in an accessible manner, moving quickly to minimize inconvenience, bringing back the unit to perfect condition, and cleaning the work area before leaving. All of these are meant to provide customers with 100% satisfaction and nothing less.

100% Money Back Guarantee

In case this level of satisfaction is not achieved for any reason, the company can send back its team to finish the job. The issue will be given a second look to iron out any remaining problems with performance and reliability. This return engagement will not be billed as it is only meant to compensate for the initial visit. If this is does still does not produce satisfactory results for the customer, then the company can provide a full refund.

The Most Reputable Company for AC Repair in Southlake TX

All of these internal policies make Sudden Service the most reputable local company. Everyone in Southlake knows that their heating and cooling concerns will be handled well if they call our hotline. That is why they always have us in mind whenever they need help whether it is for installation, maintenance or repair.

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