The Unbeatable Air Conditioner Repair Colleyville and Keller TX

If you reside in either Colleyville or Keller, and are on the lookout for a reliable AC repair agency, look no further than Sudden Services, arguably the best air conditioner repair Colleyville and Keller TX. I hardly had any idea about this company when I was searching for a reliable agency after my AC stopped working on a Friday night. I checked the power supply outlet and the cord and both of them appeared fine. On searching the net, I found contact information of many AC repair agencies in Colleyville, but none of them responded to my calls. Frustrated, I contacted my friend and told him about my dilemma. He told me that most such agencies work on weekdays and only during office hours. He advised me to check

Pleasant surprise
I got their contact details from their website and decided to try my luck, even though it was late at night. I was pleasantly surprised when an individual responded to my call and asked my about the make and model of my AC, the problems with it, along with my contact number and street address. In less than an hour, a van with the name Sudden Service written on it turned up at my residence. Their technicians hardly took a couple of minutes to find the fault and about 30 minutes to fix it. They simply replaced a damaged part with a original spare and even provided me with a warrantee for it. They explained that if that replaced part broke down with the warrantee period, they would replace it free of cost.

Reasonable tariff
Even though the air conditioner repair Colleyville and Keller TX charged me an extra sum for emergency services, it was much less than what other companies have charged me in the past. I have decided that I will no longer call any other company in case there is any problem with my AC in the future.

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