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When To Call For Air Conditioning Service

When the hottest day of the year hits, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to be out of service. Understanding the warning signs and when to call an air conditioner service in Southlake TX are important to making sure your family stays cool on those hot days. Here are a few warning signs that warrant an air conditioner service in Southlake TX.


If your air conditioner is making noises that are louder or different than normal, you will want to call a professional. Those noises could mean the system is not working properly. Calling for help could catch a problem early before it becomes a major issue.

-Less Efficiency

If you notice uneven cooling or vents that are not blowing as much air as normal, you will want to call someone in to help. These are signs that something is off within the system. Even if the air conditioner is still working, it is not efficient and you are using more energy than you need to, which means higher bills.

-Increased Humidity

If the air is blowing, but you still feel rather hot and sticky, the humidity in your home could be too high. This is another indication that the system is not working properly and you need to find out why.

-Higher Energy Bill

Keep an eye on your monthly bill, even if your unit seems to be working properly. If you see a spike in the cost, something may not be working quite right.

You never want to have to call someone for repairs and it is easy to put it off when the system is working a little bit. But in order to prevent bigger, more expensive problems, it is prudent to call an air conditioner service as soon as you spot a potential issue.

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